Spring Preview Revealed

by westwinjackson

We were thrilled to work on an event that included females as well as males this time. With spring in full gear, it was the perfect event to show off some of Westwin’s new products to a fresh and youthful crowd. Around fifty guests came into the store for snacks and were entered into a drawing for free accessories. Tricia Coble spent time with the women and gave valuable tips on how to correctly wear spring makeup including pastels, pink cheeks, and nude lips. Marlie Richardson ran through many of the different spring styles such as mixing neons and neutrals. Final word…Taking care of yourself is crucial during this busy season and you deserve to look and feel refreshed. Happy Spring!


A special thanks goes out to the amazing Bill Hodges, Marlie Richardson, Tricia Coble for coming and helping with makeup, and of course Abby Ott for the beautiful photos.

Modeling by: Jake Ryan, Dodgen Swanson, Bethany Gaines, Rachel West, Mallory Yancey, and Hannah Strickland